How To Do SEO For CBD Companies: All You Should Know

The CBD industry has been booming in the U.S and U.K throughout 2018 and 2019. Dispensaries, research, grow supplies, and new products are all gaining recognition. The fact that the legal structure is changing almost every day doesn’t stop researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors from investing in this rising industry.

Paid advertising is either complicated or straight-up impossible for a lot of CBD-related products because of the advertising policies of several advertising platforms. SEO and organic Google traffic are the new best friends of the CBD industry.

Getting into the highest ranks now will possess significant growth opportunities as the cannabis market develops, and SEO for CBD companies becomes more competitive. The best time to rank your CBD content and to invest in SEO is now.

Future-Proof Your CBD SEO

While several CBD dispensaries and suppliers have switched to e-commerce with some success, more of them fall under because of lack of foresight into PPC, payment processor restrictions, and other lapses in their search engine optimization strategies.

Now, prior to creating a strategy for SEO,  make sure to consider all the factors that could affect your SEO over time. Creating a piece that’s beneficial to your users and answering their questions will provide you a head start for the future and help you succeed in your CBD business.

SEO takes time, so cannabis businesses that invest in it will have a high-efficiency engine to keep leads, traffic, and sales coming during downturns.

Finding SEO Opportunities

When ranking a cannabis or CBD content, Search Engine Optimization plays a significant role. With thorough keyword research, you will be able to discover everything. It will give you a thorough understanding of all the SEO opportunities due to the increase in search volume. These are the things you need to consider when looking for keywords and content.

  • The average monthly searches and the trend over time
  • Placement modifications of successful websites
  • Pay attention to search intent and check whether the keyword compliments your service or product
  • Domain and page authority of the ranking pages as compared to yours
  • Keyword difficulty

Keep in mind that it’s better to have lower keyword difficulty. Settle on a keyword difficulty not above 10 if you started a new website. You can aim for higher keyword difficulty if you already have an established website. Also, you must create a ranking report and filter it according to the 1st to 10th rank.

Aside from keywords, there are other factors that will help your website rank better on search engines. A comprehensive SEO Audit checklist contains all the possible factors you should be looking at when it comes to what search engines like Google, want every website to do and have.

Conducting A Keyword Research

Finding and understanding your target audience is the first crucial step to get on top of the search result rankings with Search Engine Optimization for the CBD domain. With a deep analysis of the market, SEO agencies like Icarus Digital Marketing and other cannabis marketing agencies distinguish your business’s main demographic and execute thorough keyword research to seamlessly grab the consumers’ attention. It helps develop foolproof SEO for Cannabidiol domain tactics.

For example, one specific keyword cluster with a similar intent for each page provides your platform,  website, or web hosting an advantage in simple detection by Google’s algorithms. It additionally increases the content quality on your pages. Many SEO agencies specialize in providing extensive content marketing services that remove any marks of poor SEO content on your page or website.

How to Pick The Right Target Keywords According to Difficulty

Make sure to consider which keyword difficulty is a suitable difficulty for your site. Indeed, having lower difficulty is easier to find and is better, and you must stick below 10 if you recently launched a new website.

However, if you have an old and established website, you need to look for the right strategy to find the keyword difficulty that you can quickly and successfully rank. You can extract a ranking report, and filter the rankings into 1 to 10. Then, place this list of keywords into a keyword explorer tool such as Ahrefs, export the data, and lastly, calculate the average keyword difficulty.

For instance, if the site went beyond 900 keywords ranking on the first page, the average keyword difficulty is 28. You can choose keyword difficulty up to 28 without ease and expect to rank well as time goes by and with other SEO efforts.

Make sure to consider the long-tail keywords as well. Long-tail keywords are more specific keywords or phrases. Usually they are longer compared to the normal searched keywords. These types of keywords get less search traffic, but they have more conversion value, since they are more particular. They let you get more traffic gradually and to be discovered more by new and dedicated consumers.

Evaluate Current Organic Search Traffic

Prior to planning a strategy for your SEO, you must evaluate first the current organic search traffic. Always remember that this is the first step to every new Cannabis SEO tactics. After analyzing the existing search traffic, you can determine the important metrics of user behaviour such as:

  • The number of special customers that were directed to the website through organic search.
  • The top-performing or most well-known pages.
  • The keywords that CBD users utilize to search their content.

Go to your website’s Google Analytics account to look for the above mentioned CBD SEO information. You should add this unique Google Analytics code to your website so it will be easier for you to monitor the website data.

Page Outlines and Content Planning for CBD SEO

Now, you can start planning for supporting contents and page outlines. Look for related questions and queries that consumers usually ask around your topic through tools such as Answer The Public. The visualization might be fun to stare at, but don’t forget to download the Comma Separated Values (CSV), which has more than 400 questions.

Place them into your keyword research to search for related search volume. You will be able to utilize these ideas and keywords to create segments within your content outline.

Below is a sample content outline for your guide on CBD:

H1: Things you must know about CBD tincture

H2: Effects of CBD tincture

H2: Benefits of CBD tincture

H3: Using CBD tincture for inflammation and pain

H3: USing CBD tincture for Cancer

H2: Side Effects of CBD tincture

Supporting Articles and Blogs Establish Relevance

Let’s take the sample outline above as an example. The keyword “how to produce CBD tincture” is excellent supporting content. It’s great for inserting internal links to your primary content, while it also covers a varying target audience that’s searching for “Do It Yourself” solutions instead of purchasing an established tincture. When analyzing the first three results, they all discuss the “how to produce” topic within the primary content. It relies on your key target audience and how significant the keyword is for you whether you just place a new section or you’re willing to devote yourself to new content.

You may want to produce three to five supporting articles when covering keyword categories or a new topic. It will enable you to establish the silo and produce relevance and these pieces also make excellent backlink targets.

For CBD tincture, the articles that could support the topic could be:

  • How to use CBD tincture
  • Recipe for Cannabis tincture
  • How to make a tincture out of Cannabis

Make sure to update your shop category page and add transactional modifiers.

Start Writing Optimized Content for the CBD Industry

Since you already have all the things required to make a content that’s based on:

  • Relevant ranking elements derived from statistics, including word count and keywords.
  • Consumer intent and kind of content required.
  • Keyword research that is data-driven.

After all these processes, the only thing left that you need to do is to write high-quality content.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best hemp marketing strategies ideal for CBD businesses that are restricted from paid advertising. Know and study the best digital marketing strategy to optimize your CBD-related content and rank in search engines. Try applying these advanced content strategies to produce a new topic that both Google and users will love.

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