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What You Should Know About Promoting CBD with Facebook Ads

In 2020, the global size of the CBD market was valued at USD 2.8 billion with an estimated growth rate of 21.2% until 2028. CBD has been gaining popularity for its therapeutic potential without the psychoactive effects

Can you advertise your CBD products on Facebook?

If you’re wondering whether your CBD product would have a chance on Facebook ads, the answer is absolutely a YES. Keep in mind though that getting your CBD ad approved would be a little tricky and you run the risk of getting your account deleted if your ad was rejected.

Facebook advertising policies you need to know

Although the grip on hemp products has lately loosened up quite a bit, there is still a certain amount of ambiguity in CBD as food or medication. This uncertainty makes it difficult for advertisers to have CBD products show up on Facebook’s native ads.

Facebook’s advertising policy does not explicitly state that CBD is prohibited, however, if you’ve ever tried to run an ad on cannabis, hemp, or CBD, you would understand the difficulty of having it approved.

How to display your CBD ads on Facebook

Getting your brand ads on Facebook is possible, however, you just need to make a few adjustments so you can have it approved. 

Like how Google does it, Facebook also uses bots to crawl upon every word that is posted on the social media platform, including advertisements. This only means that the keywords you use could make or break your ad’s chance to show up on the social network’s timeline.

What to do if your ads were not approved by Facebook

Despite all your effort to keep the forbidden words out of the way of getting your ad approved, there may be instances that Facebook would still reject your advertisement. The first thing to do is check your landing page and make sure it does not mention CBD oil. Facebook bots can crawl upon your page and get your ad rejected if it mentions CBD.

5 organic ways to promote your CBD brand

Working around Facebook’s ad policies can sometimes be a roller coaster ride. In addition to paid advertising on the social network’s platform, you can also promote your CBD brand organically on Facebook with these ideas:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is probably one of the most effective means to promote your CBD brand organically. Even though this method can sometimes be a tough nut to crack, SEO might be more cost-effective than paying for marketing ads. Just a keep in mind though that although you won’t have to worry about going against any marketing rules about CBD, FDA also looks into keywords when validating health claims of products online.

2. Work with an influencer

Among all segments in the marketing industry today, influencer marketing has demonstrated the fastest growth in the past years. According to research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), 65% of global brands are aiming to spend more on influencer marketing in the coming months.

3. Partner with a CBD agency

Working with a CBD marketing agency can make a huge difference between grappling with your own online marketing activities and winning the CBD market.  Running your business while keeping yourself updated with the current regulations can be a strain. It would be great to have a reliable CBD agency such as Icarus Digital Marketing who are the experts in the CBD market and help you out with your brand’s visibility.

4. Affiliate marketing

One of the most trusted forms of marketing nowadays is affiliate marketing. With this type of marketing, brands connect with influencers to promote the product across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. 

Some of the benefits when going with affiliate marketing are :

  • Cost is lower
  • Traffic is targeted
  • Flexibility
  • Significant ROI

    5. Curate content

Digital content can be a valuable tool in promoting CBD online. One of the content marketing tactics employed by agencies or businesses is to offer lead magnets – a piece of digital content – in exchange for the prospect’s contact information such as their email addresses.

Even with Facebook’s stringent standards on CBD advertising, it has always been possible to get your CBD ads approved. However, you can reduce the risk of getting your Facebook ads rejected by following the tips discussed above. 

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