Profitable CBD/Delta/CANNABIS Social Media Ads!

Icarus: Your Premier Partner for Direct-Sale Social Ads in CBD, Delta's, Kratom, Cannabis & All High-Risk Industries. No Product or Website Restrictions!

Cannabis & High Risk Ads across Facebook & Instagram, for ANY product, to ANY website.

Do you believe that your products are too “High Risk” like Delta 8, Kratom, Mushrooms, Vapes or Flower and could never be advertised?

Convinced that Facebook ads won’t deliver new customers and profitable campaigns?

This is where Icarus makes the difference. 

Our campaigns are designed to drive traffic directly to your site or product offer pages and not to blog articles. We are using creatives that directly show and speak about the products and offers. Our campaigns are profitable because they can be direct. We can drive traffic to any page on any site, and we can serve any kind of creative appropriate to the buying stage of their targeted audience. 


Our services are for you if :

1. You want to run direct product ads for CBD, Delta-8, THC and more!

2. You want to drive traffic directly to your websites or product/offer page!

3. Use creatives that explicitly showcase your products!

4. You want to turn non-buyers into buyers by utilizing retargeting campaigns!

5. You want to run ads that actually convert and deliver new customers with KPI!

Our mix of cannabis marketing expertise spans across Facebook & Instagram!

We can help you run profitable ads and generate 

revenue while maximizing every dollar in your ad spend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Icarus advertisements are fully compliant with Facebook/Google network advertising policies.

Yes. Icarus drives traffic directly to your website from any network. 

No, at Icarus we use our own business manager to run partner campaigns.

Yes, Icarus advertising campaigns are long-term, consistent campaigns which do not get disabled.

 With Icarus you can promote any product. Whether that’s Delta8, Pre-Rolls, Flower, THC or just CBD. Icarus can run product facing ads for any product you want to promote.

Media Deck with case studies can be sent upon request

Nobody can guarantee profitable ad campaigns. What we guarantee is that you will have stable consistent ads, for any product, to any website which will greatly increase the likelihood of scaling profitable ad campaigns.

No, Icarus run fully compliant campaigns and there is 0 risk to any of your digital assets

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Icarus Digital Marketing can help. 
Our team bring their years of experience to SMEs across the globe. We are obsessed with digital marketing. In our years in the business, we’ve helped numerous businesses increase traffic, establish their credibility and build stronger relationships with their clients.

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