About Us

Icarus Digital is a team of digital marketing fanatics that share a passion for the fast-paced, ever-changing industry of digital marketing.

What started as a small, two-man team by co-founders Simon Jordan & Michael Porke, has grown into one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies in the world, serving some of the biggest names in CBD and other industries.

Our unique strategies, proven experience, and marketing expertise are what set us apart from the rest, and our results are what maintain long-term, profitable relationships with all of our clients. 



To help Cannabis brands become global names through effective, scalable, and profitable marketing and advertising. Increasing their reach and bringing them to a bigger, more diverse global market where the potentials for growth are endless. Believing that as we help them, we also grow alongside them and reach the same status. 

To become a global leader in advertising and the go-to marketing agency for Cannabis companies. With hundreds of businesses, big and small, under our administration, and employees located in various offices around the world.

Meet The Team

Meet the Hero of our team who bring each of our projects to a masterpiece

Simon Jordan
Michael Porke
Cheryl Rosales
Content Marketing Manager
Andreina Calderon
Social Media Manager
Manam Ali
Web Developer
Michelle Vargas
Graphic Designer
Axel Apelo
Graphic Designer / Video Editor
Orlie Concha
Graphic Designer / Video Editor
Sheila Mae Apura
Akshit Aggarwal
Financial Director
Atul Awasthi
UI/UX Designer
Kerim Kiziler
SEO Strategist
Goran Nikolov
ManyChat Specialist
Edralin Sanchez
SEO Strategist
Marina Sarabia
PPC Manager

Ready to help you dominate

Grow your business, keep your focus to where your passion is, and let us handle all the nitty-gritty of telling your audience how awesome you are. 

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Icarus Solutions Ltd

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