Icarus are official Meta - Facebook Advertising Partners.
We provide our clients access to premium Meta Agency Assets (Ad Accounts, BM's, Direct Support, Unbanning Service and more).

FB Agency Ad Accounts with NO Spending Limit, ZERO Bans & Premium Support!

Are you tired of Ad Accounts & Business Managers that have been disabled AGAIN and you’ve lost everything?
Do you believe that Facebook is profitable yet not sustainable due to the fact that your accounts keep getting disabled? 

Our partnership with Meta (Facebook) allows us to access premium agency ad accounts which we can legally share with our clients. This means that you can access official Agency Meta Ad Accounts with all the benefits that come with. 

You will finally be able to launch and scale your ads without worrying about Disabled Ad Accounts, Business Managers and Account Bans. 

Our Agency Ad Accounts have NO Spending Limit which means you can scale as much and as fast as you want to! 

Our partnership allows us to also provide you with fast support and insight which is not possible without a Meta partnership.


Launch & Scale Stable Facebook Ad Campaigns with Premium Agency Ad Accounts

Whitelisted Agency Ad Accounts

 You don’t want your Facebook account banned, throwing all your hard work out the window.  Our Agency Ad Accounts are created and being shared directly by Facebook. These are the strongest Ad Accounts someone can access.

Unlimited Daily Spending

Don’t waste time warming accounts at $50 per day! Forget spending limits and scale as fast as you want! You can start with as high as $100,000 per day! 

Premium Insight Support

We have direct communication with a high-level team of Facebook Representatives. We can find out the exact reasons your assets went down and help you achieve absolute consistency.


Unbanning Service

Reactivate Your Banned Assets and Profiles with our highly exclusive Unbanning Service! Our partnership with Meta (Facebook), allows us to send Agency Appeal Requests and we can help you to manually overturn previous restrictions and bans on your profiles, pages and advertising assets.


Scale FAST

Our ad accounts don’t need any warm up  which allows you to scale your ads from the very first day.

Icarus is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers Paid Ad Solutions to High-Risk industries such as CBD &


The many years of experience with high-risk Facebook campaigns have given us the expertise and

connections our clients look for.

Our partnership with Facebook and our proven experience give you everything you need to create

& scale profitable campaigns FAST & RELIABLY.

Tired of Disabled Ad Accounts, Profiles and Pages?

If your Business Manager account gets blocked whenever you put a new ad or when you’re trying to scale an existing one, then you are our ideal client. 

Our Meta Agency Ad Accounts provide the safety and stability you are looking for. It’s time to scale your ads without worrying about algorithm mistakes or disabled assets.

Unban Your Disabled Assets with our Unbanning Service

With our highly exclusive connections to direct employees at Facebook, we can help you to manually overturn previous restrictions and bans on your profiles, pages and advertising assets.

We’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to helping out our clients. With our setup, you’ll be guaranteed to have the ultimate infrastructure to scale your business to the moon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes our Agency Ad Accounts are verified and coming directly from Meta throught our partnership program.

Firstly, you fill out the application form by answering some simple questions and schedule an online meeting. During the call, we’ll carefully listen and then explain how our services work. If you agree to work with us, we’ll sign a contract and get started.

You will get assigned with a personal account manager who will help you with the setup. You can normally be up and running ads within 24-48 hours.

Yes, if you lost your personal Profile, Business Manager or Page we can use our partnership program to request a review on your disabled assets.

You can scale your ads as fast as you choose to. We require no warm up or low ad spending. If you already have a proven campaign you can scale your ads from the very first day!

No, our Meta Agency Ad Accounts have no spending limits.

We can provide as many Ad Accounts as you require.

For Facebook Agency Accounts, we charge only $850 USD per month and no additional adspend fees for upto 25,000 USD or EUR Adspend.

Adspend 25,000 – 60,000 USD or EUR per month is charged at 4%.

Adspend 60,000 – $100,000 USD or EUR per month is charged at 3%

Adspend over 100,000 USD or EUR is charged at 2%.

Your 25,000 fee-free allowance resets each month.

We provide a dedicated account manager who will help you with all of your requests. Our access to Meta through our partnership program allows us to access insight Facebook support.


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