“Icarus Digital Marketing is a team of digital marketing fanatics that share a passion for the fast-paced, ever-changing industry of digital marketing.

What started as a small, two-man team by co-founders Simon Jordan & Michael Porke, has grown into one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies in the world, serving some of the biggest names in CBD and other industries.

Our unique strategies, proven experience, and marketing expertise are what set us apart from the rest, and our results are what maintain long-term, profitable relationships with all of our clients.”

Vision &

To help Cannabis brands become global names through effective, scalable, and profitable marketing and advertising. Increasing their reach and bringing them to a bigger, more diverse global market where the potentials for growth are endless. Believing that as we help them, we also grow alongside them and reach the same status.
To become a global leader in advertising and the go-to marketing agency for Cannabis companies. With hundreds of businesses, big and small, under our administration, and employees located in various offices around the world.
Our collective effort and great team collaboration set us apart from the infinite list of digital marketing agencies. We truly value long term partnerships and we’re working hard to protect it. Open communication is also important while we develop the strategic and creative blue print that will change our clients’ businesses and the niche that we touch.

Why Us For CBD Advertising Services

Advertising Experts

We run social media advertising
campaigns every single day. We’ve run
campaigns for some of the biggest
companies in the world and we have
experience and proven data on best-
practices regarding online advertisements.
From A/B split resisting, conversion,
optimization, to intense re-targetting our
team’s experts are ready to help

Low Risk Contacts

Our services are backed with high integrity and want to earn your trust through providing great work and real results. Keeping a client locked in a contract without results is against our agency’s ethic and policies therefore it will never happen.

Guaranteed Results

As a professional agency our team focuses on results that matter. Our goal is to increase our client’s ROAS turning the monthly investment into cash flow, in compare to most agencies who are providing mostly vanity results such as likes.

In-House Experience Minus the Overheads

Icarus Digital Marketing offers a team of strategic and innovative paid media specialists. With our team’s dedication to every client, we give the best in-house experience in a more intense version, minus the overheads.

Harmonious Marriage of Analytics And Creatives

We offer a balance between creatives and analytics. We start a project with the aim of delivering measureable results and use our team’s creativity to achieve the desired outcome.

Strategy Executed Brilliantly

Behind the success of our campaigns are strategies tailored for our client’s methods and goals. We follow this up with excellent execution, making sure we garner excellent returns

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Our team bring their years of experience to SMEs across the globe. We are obsessed with digital marketing. In our years in the business, we’ve helped numerous businesses increase traffic, establish their credibility and build stronger relationships with their clients.

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Icarus Digital Marketing knows that transparency is very important and strong communication is essential to any great relationship. With our knowledge and expertise we are confident that we can make a great impact on your business and its revenue line.



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